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We change men's 
distance wardrobes


minutes saved on one invoice


permanent clients


Satisfied Years with Idoclad

"exposure to the invoice on a single button is a great thing. You can pay saved time more thorough learning from the customer's needs and taste. "

Genster came to the Czech market with an unusual service, offering online styling for men. Genster stylists for their men's clientele choose the best clothes from Czech e-shops and then send the goods directly to the home.

The company started using the idoclag in 2018. By that time, Administration, customer service and invoicing made the owner itself. It evaluates this period as inefficient because each act took a lot of time. "Looking back when you are ashamed of how much time I was originally spent on issuing invoices and another administration. The business was at the beginning, we had a lot of worries, they had to learn a lot and, in this invoice happened to us about 25 minutes, "remembers the time before the owner Michael Kloudová.

Why won the idoclad ?

• Saving time
• Quality APIs allowing links with other programs and services
• Automatic communication with the bank, souvenies, thanks for paying

Process acceleration, time survey and automation

The popularity of the idoction suggests that one of its customers recommended him. When choosing the system, it emphasizes mainly to connect to other programs and services seamlessly. It was not just about billing, although it acknowledges that it was a huge leap in the organization and minimization of labor intensity Indeed, the idocla communicates with the bank and can send automatic reports to customers. "We paired the idoclag with the bank. As a result, I do not have to manually control, who has already paid, and we will never forget the customer confirm the customer and thank for it, "values ​​the features of Michael Kloudová.

Connection of partial billing processes from issuing invoice after checking the payment of invoices

Automation - Acknowledgments for Payment or Comments on Payment of Invoices

API - Possibility to link more services and automate information and data movement

We will help you simplify business

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Customize accounts or settle
problem with eet.

Medium-sized companies

Save time, capacities and simplify
processes thanks to enterprise
and personnel systems.

Large companies

FREE from worry that
Information technology
flawlessly solves for you.