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our wave

Solitea is like the Pacific Ocean. Why? The Pacific Ocean consists of almost 30 seas, the waters of which merge and mingle and together create an immense force. Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, but always solid and unbreakable. Solitea was created through the merger of more than 20 companies, linked by the development and sale of products and customer-friendly solutions in information technology. We operate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Central and Southeastern Europe. Join us in creating progressive and cutting-edge products and providing customers with superior services. Ride our wave!

We are Solitea

Where to find us

In recent years, our company has grown to such a degree that you can now find us in more than twenty locations. Because there are quite a few of us, we divide into smaller teams to work on individual projects. And how do things work? Have a look for yourself.

Branches in larger cities



Karlín? Cafes, bistros, restaurants, well-kept public areas. It’s hard to choose where to go first. Rustonka, with its modern design, is in the very middle of this attractive neighbourhood on the banks of the Vltava River.

Sokolovská 695/115b, 186 00 Prague 8 - Karlín



Our headquarters with neighbouring botanical gardens and the legendary Lužánky stadium. Easily accessible with countless parking spaces near the centre of Brno.

Drobného 49, 602 00 Brno

Okružní (Vema)

We have two locations in northern Brno on Okružní Street. We develop the Vema payroll and HR system in a building that offers a very pleasant environment and facilities, and also friendly colleagues.

Okružní 871/3a, 638 00 Brno

Okružní (Automedia)

These modern administrative centre premises in the northern part of town are fully equipped. The Lesná neighbourhood is particularly attractive because of its proximity to nature.

Okružní 732/5, 638 00 Brno


Just a stone’s throw away from Brno’s largest square, the branch at Hilleho Street is located between the extensive Lužánky Park grounds, 28. října Square and tree-lined Kpt. Jaroše Avenue.

Hilleho 1841/4, 602 00 Brno



A pleasant town near Prague situated at the foot of the wild Brdy highlands and Svatá Hora. Solitea’s Příbram branch is associated with the development of the Byznys product.

Žižkova 708, 261 01 Příbram

Ústí nad Labem


The deep valley of the Elbe River beneath the Krušné Hory mountains and České středohoří is guarded by a town that boasts a significantly improved quality of life over the past decade.

Klíšská 31, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem


Pod Vrškem

When you come to Zlín, you will be impressed by the size of its parks and distinctive architecture which evolved in the golden era of Bata. The city and its fascinating genius loci will surprise you with their distinctive character.

Pod Vrškem 5360, 760 01 Zlín



Bratislava - a city of many faces, full of picturesque corners, cultural and sporting events. Our branch is located in the rapidly-developing modern district near Přístav.

Plynárenská 7/C, 821 09 Bratislava


You will find one of our two Bratislava branches in the peaceful northern part of the city. From culture vultures to evening tour de bar fans, everyone finds their place in Bratislava.

Pluhová 50/A, 831 03 Bratislava



V Ostravě najdete naši pobočku na ulici Ocelářská. Město Vám nabídne atmosféru, kterou hned tak nenajdete. Neklidnou? Kdepak. Kulturní a sportovní. Ostrava je plná příležitostí.

Ocelářská 2969/12, 703 00 Ostrava - Vítkovice

The smaller branches
are at these addresses

Zvolenská cesta 2410/2, 974 05 Banská Bystrica

Kúpeľná 3, 080 01 Prešov

Letná 42, 040 01 Košice

Vítězství 293/27, 779 00 Olomouc

Roháčova 3339/5, 702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava

Kamarýtova 2689, 37006 České Budejovice

Přemyslova 132/23, 301 00 Plzeň 3 - Jižní Předměstí

Ctiborova 3091, 272 01 Kladno