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our wave

Solitea is like the Pacific Ocean. Why? The Pacific Ocean consists of almost 30 seas, the waters of which merge and mingle and together create an immense force. Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, but always solid and unbreakable. Solitea was created through the merger of more than 20 companies, linked by the development and sale of products and customer-friendly solutions in information technology. We operate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Central and Southeastern Europe. Join us in creating progressive and cutting-edge products and providing customers with superior services. Ride our wave!

We are Solitea

What does the recruitment process involve?

Sometimes we choose a slightly different procedure, but you can usually expect these five steps.

  1. Do you offer positions for fresh graduates?

    Yes, some of our positions are suitable for new graduates. You will find positions suitable for you when choosing the filter “I am a fresh graduate” in the Job Openings section.

  2. Which language do you speak at the company?

    We speak Czech and Slovak at our company. We use both written and spoken English on projects for foreign clients.

  3. Where should I send my CV?

    Choose the position that appeals to you from the list of job openings. Next to each position is an “I am interested” button. Click on it to open a simple reply form. Complete your contact data, specify your preferred job location and attach your CV. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, enter your URL link. You can write us a brief comment in the “Message” column in the reply form.

  4. Can I work from my office at home?

    The Coronavirus crisis has shown us that we can work more from home than we ever imagined. If permitted by the nature of your job (and it usually is), after your onboarding you can work from home to whatever extent you agree with your manager. It varies from one day to almost the entire week. The important thing is that you get your work done.

  5. Do you have flexible working hours?

    Yes, we do. Between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. you have to be “on call”, whether you are working from home or the office, because we need some common time for briefings and other meetings. Apart from that, you can arrange your affairs in the morning and afternoon as you see fit.

  6. When can I expect a response to my sent CV?

    Unless prevented by sickness or other unexpected obstacles, we usually reply within five working days.

  7. I have a disability, can I work for you?

    Definitely yes! We may, however, be limited by  technical capabilities or operational conditions. For example, not all buildings have barrier-free access (please see section Locations). If you are interested in any position, contact our recruitment specialist, they will go over  your options and our requirements.

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Write to us.