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our wave

Solitea is like the Pacific Ocean. Why? The Pacific Ocean consists of almost 30 seas, the waters of which merge and mingle and together create an immense force. Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, but always solid and unbreakable. Solitea was created through the merger of more than 20 companies, linked by the development and sale of products and customer-friendly solutions in information technology. We operate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Central and Southeastern Europe. Join us in creating progressive and cutting-edge products and providing customers with superior services. Ride our wave!

We are Solitea

We work to live

We work to live. Which is why we offer you more than just a salary, which we pay reliably. Everyone can choose from our wide range of benefits; athletes, savers, culture vultures, party people, hedonists, parents, foodies... What’s more, we sometimes like to indulge in entertainment based on the tastes of each location. Check it out!

5 weeks of vacation

A fifth week off is something extra in addition to your statutory right. So enjoy it. We don’t like carrying vacation time over to the next year; we want you to take a break.

Sick days

Long night? Tough morning? Not feeling well? Get yourself together. Without requesting approval, without a doctor. Worry-free for three days a year.

Home office

From home or from the office? It depends on you and your boss. We have no limits, make arrangements as needed. Just as long as the work gets done; that’s the main thing.

Flexible working hours

Gym in the morning, drive the kids to training in the early afternoon? Whatever you need. But you do need to be available between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., either at home or at the office.

E-meal tickets

Everybody has to eat. You get a meal voucher for CZK 100 every day, and the company pays 55%.


Vacation, shopping, theatre, gym, diapers...? Check out the Cafeteria partners and choose what you’re interested in.

MultiSport card

You sit a lot at work. So get some stretching in. Or relax. We’ll support you there.

Contribution to
life and pension savings plans

When old age asks if you’ve saved up for it, you will have an answer. We have an interesting contribution system that is advantageous for you.

Fun after work

We were created through the merger of many unique companies. We strive to maintain local customs and entertainment - some like crepes, others like barbecues, yet other prefer sports. You have plenty to look forward to.

on the workplace

Do you need a proper cup of coffee to get started in the morning, or are you more of a “five o’clock tea” person? The number (and size) of cups is up to you. And our coffee is really good.

Partner offers

We’re a big fish. Interest in us is growing, which is why we can offer you interesting benefits you won’t get anywhere else; mobile tariffs, discounts, advantageous purchases.